Double Your Donations for Free

Did you know you might be able to effectively double your donations without any extra money out of pocket?

It depends on where you work, but if you’re fortunate to work for a large company, you might consider checking whether they have a gift matching program.

Many employers offer this benefit in order to boost their employees’ motivation to give, and to promote their company’s public perception. They improve their brand, you become a happier employee, and the non-profit organization of your choice benefits doubly. It’s a win-win-win situation!

You’ll have to check into some of limitations, but generally you can contribute to almost any type of government-recognized non-profit organization. If your organization is not already on the pre-approved list, you should find out if you can submit a request to have the organization approved and added. You just have to fill out some basic information about the organization and the type of non-profit they are, and HR takes care of the rest of the logistics. I did this to have Covenant Mercies, the organization through which I sponsored a child in the past, added to my company’s list. I simply filled out a quick form, and a few weeks later everything was good to go.

Currently, my wife and I sponsor a child through Compassion international. Once a month, I go to our company’s website and fill out the matching gift request form. All I have to do is select the organization from the list, input how much I donated, and they verify my donation with the organization. Every couple of months, they take all of the approved matching requests and write a check to the organization. For us, this means we are able to turn $38 into $76 a month. Where else can you get a 100% return on your money, and with so little effort?

You should note that your church won’t count for this type of program. As nice as it would be to double your tithe money, unfortunately it can’t be done. But, for all of your additional donations to non-profit organizations, you should find out if your company will team up with you to double your money, too.