An Introduction to The Gradual Millionaire

It’s sad how long it took me to come up with the title of this blog. I sat here tossing around cheesy ideas like the “Frugal Fighter,” “Net Worth Giving Up,” and “The Money Tortoise” (like The Tortoise and the Hare…get it?). I’ll leave these things to the professionals.

You may have spotted a trend in these names. I’m excited about building wealth over the long haul. This is no “get rich quick” blog, and you won’t learn about how to live an extravagant lifestyle of exotic cars and fine wine. I’m a 22-year-old married guy fresh out of college here to share my new journey with you toward financial independence and freedom.

The first time I started getting really excited about the possibility of actually making a lot of money was about two years ago when I started my first summer internship. The internship was with a large financial institution, and as part of the program we learned the basics of investing, particularly in retirement. As I began to behold the magic of compound interest, I realized that not only could my wife and I retire as millionaires, we could potentially retire as multimillionaires. Or, better yet, we could be millionaires by 40-45 and be independent of traditional employment for the (hopefully) second half of our lives. I began to dream of traveling the world, learning new languages and instruments, starting a business, living wherever we want, writing books, volunteering time, starting a charity, and most excitingly, being able to give away large amounts of money to people and causes we love.

As time progressed, my (now) wife and I decided we wanted to get married. As part of our premarital counseling, we participated in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class, which gave instruction and practicable actions to ensure the success of our new-found financial goals. At that time, we were mostly interested in simply getting through the rest of our schooling without going into debt. But now that I’ve graduated and started my career, and my wife is only a couple of months away from doing the same, I’ve started to get more excited than ever for the possibilities that lie before us. I’ve started imagining what it would be like to pay off a house by age 30 and be free of a mortgage. How exciting would it be to fully fund our kids’ college and start them off in their adult lives debt-free (which I imagine will be even more unheard-of by the time they’re 18)!

So, will you join me in setting and going after some crazy financial goals? Will you sacrifice some of the instant gratification we can so easily get trapped in and embrace a greater vision of financial freedom?

Let’s start dreaming big and working hard!

What are some of your wild goals?